Energy System Planning (Pty) Ltd


ESP provides independent engineering consultancy services on projects across the project development cycle, from front-end specialist studies, to studies on the economic, financial and technical viability of a prospective project, and project due diligence to assisting clients in achieving financial close.

The services that we offer include:

 Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

We provide a wide range of service in the generation sector including:

  • Long term generation planning
  • Power plant feasibility studies
  • Power plant siting and costing
  • Identification and management of project risks
  • Advice on project development from concept to financial close

Our experience covers various power plant technologies including open cycle gas turbines and combined cycle gas turbines, coal fired hydro, wind, solar, and biomass. The range of transmission and distribution services that we offer includes:

  • Demand and energy forecasting
  • Long term transmission and distribution investment plans
  • Load flow, fault level and dynamic studies
  • Harmonic and filter design studies
  • Electromagnetic transient (EMT) studies
  • Generation integration studies
  • Cost estimation and life cycle costing analysis
  • Project functional specifications and tender management

ESP has strong knowledge of and has licences for the following analysis tools:

  • PowerFactory (DigSilent)
  • PSS®E
  • Matlab with Simulink
  • @Risk
  • Mathematica
  • ArcGIS

In addition, based on our extensive working experience on projects across the world, we have a working knowledge of a range of other software tools including VSTAB, Plexos, WASP, and CYME.

 System optimisation

With our extensive experience on generation, transmission and distribution systems and the interplay with power economics, we are able to provide services in system optimisation at both planning and operation levels. From project costing and life cycle costing analysis, to the preparation of financial and economic cost-benefit models, we can advise a client on strategic decision-making under complex and diverse constraint conditions. Our range of services extends into the financial and risk management aspects of managing power network assets of all types. We are closely allied with the latest technical and econometric techniques in both network and project planning and implementation. 

 Strategic Advisory Services

ESP offers strategic advisory services to assist clients in assessing and developing complex energy projects from concept to implementation. The strategic advisory services that we offer include:

  • Transaction advisory services on energy project development
  • Project pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments
  • Project due diligence, risk assessment, fatal flaws analysis and risk management
  • Tariff and pricing assessment
  • Bankability assessment

 Gas Sector Advisory Services

Our work in the gas sector focuses on developing secure and reliable gas projects and gas supply arrangements from the production facilities to loads. Our range of services in the gas sector involves:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply side analysis
  • Gas penetration studies
  • Gas switching studies
  • Energy substitution studies
  • Gas to power projects
  • Financial and economic analysis of gas projects

 Project Management Services

ESP provides project management and programme management services to both public and private sector clients on complex, multi-disciplinary projects in the energy sector. We have earned a reputation for driving projects throughout the project cycle from concept phase to financial close and project implementation to achieve our clients’ objectives. We have the capability to integrate the technical, financial/commercial, legal components of energy projects and manage these projects to the required specification, on time and within budget with strict attention to quality control.

 Capacity Building

ESP has a strong track record in providing capacity building to its clients in the energy sector. The capacity building is tailored to the specific needs of the clients and can take the form of:

  • On-the-job-training to client counterpart staff on projects
  • Secondment of client staff to our offices
  • Specific courses in specialist areas as required by the clients

We offer specific training on power system analysis covering technical as well economic and financial aspects of power system planning. We offer specialised tailor-made training courses on the technical aspects of power system analysis to power utilities with a particular emphasis on applications using Power System Simulator for Engineering (PSS®E).